A little kid’s wonderment

I still remember the first few times I traveled via an aeroplane. Thanks to Grandpa having built a successful career at Indian Airlines, I had had the privilege to fly often even as a child. I loved everything about flying – the thrill of the flight gaining speed and taking off, the flight food (which always tasted extra special), the flight hovering over the city I was going to land to (typically Chennai) etc.

Having lived in Singapore for 4 years, I found the thrill wearing off gradually. That could also have been a result of flying budget but all in all, I was definitely less enthralled. The past few months have involved considerable amounts on flight – thanks to work. And at some point today, I felt myself feeling disenchanted with this whole flying thing. I’d spent too much time in an airport over the past week but it was just about then that I reminded myself of my wonderment of this whole gig as a child.

And you know what, I realized that there is still that little child’s wonderment within that is still amazed by how you can move within 3 hours to a whole new world – from Asia to the Middle East. Within a span of a few hours, you have moved from the comfort of home and are all set to get to work in a completely different timezone. Your eyes have to get accustomed to different kinds of people and a different culture and somehow the aeroplane makes this transition seamless, or atleast appears to.

Somewhere within me lies that little kid who gazed wondrously at all these things. It’s time I keep calling out to him to make sure I do not forget that all things in life are wondrous. Often, it just requires a change of lens.