Signatures, autographs and The Bournvita Quiz Contest..

I remember watching ‘The Bournvita Quiz Contest‘ a lot as a kid. It was an Indian quiz show hosted by a charismatic quiz master. It was tradition in this show to have celebrity guests come for a round or so in the more important episodes. And this celebrity guest would ALWAYS autograph a huge flip chart with a small message at the end of the show.

This was my favorite part. I used to gaze in awe at the (often) stylish signatures of famous personalities along with short messages like ‘All the best’.

So, of late, along with my morning mojo (more about that here), I have begun writing a commitment to myself that I sign. And every morning, when I sign that commitment (eg: Today, I will be….’), I feel a surge of energy and I’m fondly reminded of the celebrity signing an autograph with a flourish.

Today, for instance, I signed thrice. It solidified my commitment to myself for the day and felt really good. My signature is not any different than it was 10 years ago, but it’s never felt so good!

When was the last time you signed with a flourish and felt good?

(And no, rushed signatures at banks, restaurants etc does NOT count! :D)