‘Lonely and bored’ – Food for thought..

I’ve completed my 3rd working week here in Oman. And have been fortunate to have been put up at a very nice hotel. The folks at the hotel have been fantastic – of course, there have been the small blips from time to time but they’ve been loving and welcoming and I will have fond memories of the hotel.

However, it was my colleague who narrated a chat she had had with one of the hotel attendants as she was walking out of the fitness centre. Given many of us have been at the hotel for months, many of the employees at the hotel are good friends, and he was having an ‘off’ day. Over his conversation, she learnt that he could only go home for 1 month in a year and hence, was missing his wife and kids. Besides, being in Sohar (which is the middle of nowhere), there was nothing else to do. And he was dead bored at work – it was the SAME thing every single day after all.

This is not uncommon here in Oman. There are many thousands of Indians, Philipinos etc who try to earn enough to save for their kids but never end up meeting the very people they work and save money for. And hence, many of them end up lonely and feeling purposeless.

That was when Anne looked at me and said – ‘Being lonely and bored – that’s probably the worst kind of suffering, isn’t it?’

I nodded.

If you are fortunate enough to be reading this, the chances are that you are not lonely and bored – go out, celebrate, thank your parents and your luck for having been blessed with what you have.

Are we not blessed?