On clean fire trucks:

Bob, the CEO of a large multinational, used to pass by the local firestation on the way to work. He was always amazed as to how clean the firetrucks were. One Friday morning, he stopped and asked the head fireman as to why this was the case. ‘They clean between fires.’ -the head replied. ‘As this is typically a long period of time, the firetrucks are always clean!’

At that moment, Bob thought of his own organization and, in a flash, he realized why growth in his mammoth organization had stagnated. He realized that, while they were successful because they were extremely organized, they were not pushing the boundaries of what they could do. In essence, employees in his company were using their potential to keep things ‘clean’ while waiting for a crisis to act..

For this week, here’s a question for us to think about – Are we going through work, life etc as excellent firefighters? i.e. are we staying ‘clean‘, ‘neat‘ but never pushing the boundaries, and hence just falling into a ‘clean’ comfort zone?

Food for thought.. :)

Source: Small is the new big by Seth Godin