You’ve had a long bad day and stare into an unpleasant email..

Unpleasant‘ can range from unexpected to simply annoying at that point of time..

You’re readying your strong irritated response.

My advice from recent experience – ‘File it away’

The outcome is never going to be good and you’ll probably look at the email with a smile when you open it tomorrow. And you’ll wonder why you reacted so strongly in the first place.

Our annoyance (directed at others) is a result of our annoyance at some event during that day. Let’s contain it, and move on..

There is a school of thought that questions this. ‘Why internalize?’ they ask. Why think of yourself as the cause when it’s not always the case?

I agree with them – it is not always the case but it is useful to internalize it just for the fact that it puts us in total control of our own lives, reactions and emotions..