Touchdown Sohar..

And it begins – Work life promised to have temporary relocations from time to time and Sohar (in Oman) has turned out to be the first destination.

While it promises to be an exciting and action packed project, I am also looking forward to the whole settling in process in a whole new place with different systems. Over the past 3-4 months, things in Singapore had settled into a predictable and fun routine with sports, work on additional initiatives happening like clockwork. All of a sudden, I’m faced with –

1) Staying in a new place and starting from scratch on every count..
2) Meeting and getting to know a whole bunch of new people (which is SUPER exciting of course)
3) Feeling disoriented on my work-week concept (Here, the week runs from Saturday-Wednesday)
4) Getting used to a wave of heat hitting you every time you step outside..
5) Seeing more brown gravel and sand versus the green of singapore.. :)
6) And lest I forget, calling a hotel room home..

Change is always a challenging experience – especially when it’s application to work means we have to ensure constant surgical precision.

So, that’s the goal – to get to surgical precision (my new term of the day/week/month) in the coming week.

Sohar – here we go! :)