Just because I can..

Today, bang in the middle of the day – I was just walking down to the bus stop and I spotted the bus that I was to catch to my next destination was almost at the bus stop.

So, I broke into a run which soon became a crazy sprint and I managed to get in JUST as the bus was leaving.

I’ve done this many a time.

Why do I do this? Obvious questions could be –

1) Do I care so much about time? Well, at times, yes.. but in most cases, no..
2) Am I crazy? Well, yes.. a bit – I like to think.

But frankly, I do it just because I can. I love the sudden burst of adrenaline that comes with an unplanned crazy target (to catch a bus when the chances are close to zero), I love feeling fit when I do manage to get there and I love play acting Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

It’s little things like this that make me feel fully alive. It’s nice to add a dash of fun and predictability to routine, and to do things JUST because I can – once a while..