Drivers, Creatives, Analytics and Amiables – How to Present your ideas super effectively..

There are essentially 4 tendencies in people –

The Driver: This tendency is the one that aids us when we need to get stuff done, when we ignore food, relaxation etc to get a task done.
Creative: This is the part of us that loves painting visions to stimulate our intellect.
Analytical: This part makes us ache for facts, for numbers to solidify our belief in a concept.
Amiable: This characteristic encompasses the desire to please.

While all of us have all 4 characteristics, ONE characteristic is always particularly dominant. When we look at this list, we should (ideally) be able to identify with our most dominant characteristic.

And here’s how to apply it –

Let’s imagine we are trying to present an idea to our bosses/clients, do we know what characteristics define them? I think this is a great way to crack the ‘managing the boss/client‘ problem!

Secondly, imagine we are delivering a presentation to a large audience, do we have enough straight applications to life, creative ideas, facts and an engaging presence to keep all 4 kinds of people engaged?

Food for thought.. :)