How can we keep up the enthusiasm..

One month into work and I’ve heard a lot of implied talk about ‘freshness‘, ‘eagerness‘ when it comes to a youngster in a new job. I agree with it as well – when you’re young and just starting, you’re all out to go the extra mile, do more and make a good impression etc..

I find that the most common thing among people I look upto are those who haven’t given up the zest, who still have that fire and are, at every monent, alive!

I think the key is – How can we keep the freshness? How can we keep reinventing ourselves to make sure we keep that spark alive?

As Dumbledore (from Harry Potter says) – ‘The biggest mistakes adults make is they forget what it is like to be kids’

On this note, I’m reading Wal-mart founder Sam Walton’s autobiography ‘Made in America’ and even at the age at which he wrote it (must have been above 70), I can feel the freshness, the eagerness and the energy!

Now that’s the way to roll! :)