The Ultimate ‘Beat the Heat’ Recipe..

Lime Juice with Salt!

Who does this apply to?
Anybody and everybody who has experienced intense heat and humidity!
Most applicable after THAT sweaty football game that’s left you completely dehydrated or THAT afternoon errand that’s brought you back sweaty and drained..

What do we need?

2 Lime’s, 1 table spoon of salt, 2 BIG glasses, 1 bottle of room temperature water,1 bottle of cold water and 5 ice cubes.

How do we do this?
Given my cooking skills are sub zero, you know this has to be very very simple. Here are 5 steps to success –

1) Cut the 2 lime’s into halves(4) and squeeze the juice.
2) Fill half the glass with room temperature water, the other half with cold water.
(This is so it doesn’t become too cold once the ice cubes are added and result in you catching a cold)
3) Add the table spoon of salt to give it that tangy taste that’s going to bring all the salt you lost back!
4) Add 4 ice cubes..
5) Drink it up!

This natural drink puts 100 plus to shame..

Enjoy.. :)