Life is a highway..

The sooner you learn how to drive a stick shift the better. It’s more important than you imagine.

Life is about balance.

Don’t get comfortable with where you are, things change and usually very fast.

Learn how to shift gears efficiently.

Know your limits.

Broaden your vision. You don’t want to miss your favourite donut shop.


Never underestimate the power of music and friends.

Having a GPS navigation system is always handy. Avoid using it, you’ll remember your routes better and for longer.

Understand and accept that you can’t always control everything.

Know that the world is bigger than you.

Let people know when you are going to cross someone, use indicators. Subtle but with style.

Don’t expect people to make way for you.

Make way for others. You never know what their circumstances are.

Find the nearest mechanic in your vicinity and make sure you are on good terms with him.

Learn how to change a flat.

Use your rear-view mirrors. It’s sort of cool when you get to know what’s happening behind you without actually having to look back.

Random order is what the road is all about.

Nice songs on the radio come by every now and then, enjoy them. You probably won’t hear it again for a while.

Take long drives by yourself once in a while.

Honking will not get any one to move any faster. It will however help that pretty girl notice you from across the street. As in numerous other situations timing is everything.

Trust your instinct, it does not matter if you are wrong.

Treat your machine right, you’ll be stuck with her for a long time.

By Dheepak Krishnamurthy..

Loved it! :)