NUS: I will remember(XX) the walk (Photos only.. :))

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now – take a walk around NUS and relive some of the memories. Doing it with 4 others was a lot of fun! This was by no means extensive as it was a good 3 hour long walk and hence, was pretty tiring as it was after a long day.. :)

But, an attempt nevertheless.. :D

PGP Bus stop – where the day generally begins.. :)

The dreaded KEVII steps..

KEVII lounge – all the big football matches this semester- nice memories! :)

The walk from science to PGP – usually traversed at or beyond 3am in the morning..

Eli’s rat murder lab – source of a lot of 4th year banter

NUH Canteen – Management Through Football discussions on Saturdays

Bengawan Solo – all our birthday cakes are belong to them

NUH – and its most loyal patron

Remembering the NUH times – 9 of us waiting 4-5 hour late in the night for a friend’s consultation..

The beautiful medicine to science walk way – enroute to the then Nineo office

The science canteen indian stall and its loyal patrons

The science canteen fruit/beverage stall – remembering the number of times I have gone there at 6am in the morning to have donuts, curry puff and a nice drink..

The ‘pink tables’ – many many discussions have happened here..

The end of the then SoC incubation centre corridor. Remembering many many many football games that have happened here (with cloth footballs of course.. The ultimate take-a-break spot! :))

The incubation centre corridor..

The ex-Nineo office. Our logo sheet still remains on the notice board. A remnant of old times..

The bridge outside the office. Another super take-a-break and attend phone calls spot..

SoC1 lift.. Another Nineo memory.. :)

TR8 – Sparkz welcome meets, RealAcad seminars, MTF sessions..

SoC terrace – where we attempted (and partly saw) the asteroid showers and spent a memorable night..

Old incubation centre (1st year). 1st ever workplace..

Ha ha.. Eli at his department..

The Life Science mini lover’s park – a Bipasa 1st year find

University Hall – remembering 1st days of collecting scholarship allowances + Eli’s photography skills (‘man is so insignificant’ meaning..)

SRC steps – SOIS Orientations – fun memories

Football field.. goal post.. NUS staff soccer games.. :)

The SRC hard courts – awesome awesome awesome memories..

My secluded pre exam mojo/study place behind the dreaded Multi Purpose Sports Halls..

Bipasa’s thrill at seeing the exam hall where she received her first A+. This one had to go in.. :)

Attempt at reliving pre-exam scenes :D

No more exams in this place. Notice fail..

YIH Canteen – of meals during RealAcad camps, nice sushi etc..

Post football de-brief place with 100 Plus bottle, Kaushik, Payodh, Shankar, Arjun etc..

Sparkz Auditions II

Outside Cheers – lots of small shopping done here, especially for many RealAcad camps…

Yes, traumatized. Welcome to the EE2001 lab..

This had to go in as well – Best bathrooms in Engine – the new DSI building next to E3.. :D

Time spent sleeping in the awesome couch at Bioengin corridor = All other productive time spent in Engineering – talk about a nice balance..

FYP Lab – Geek mode..

LT7A – all year 1 lectures..

I survived(almost)..

Thank you for all the lovely Mcbreakfasts.. especially the ones that gave me enough strength to attend 9AM labs..

The super mediterranean stall @ Biz canteen

NUS Alumni House w/ our beautiful event manager Ramy.. haha. The venue of Sparkz.. :)

Sheares supper shop – I can never forget..:)

PGP swings – remembering all the time spent bumming around in our 1st year

1 place I realized I missed out was Central Forum where we had our ArtVibe sessions..
So, here’s an older photo after a session. :)

It was..A walk to remember..


14 hours and 1 final post to go..