Random Thoughts – 20 years from now..

Our kids will be able to scroll back in time and actually see what we looked like in our college years..

They’d be able to see what we did..

Would facebook still exist?

They’ll read our blogs and know what we were like when we were in our teens and 20s..

They’d be reading all this off their PHDA devices of course – a hybrid of phones, computers etc..

Actually, there may not even be such devices – the whole world would probably be one big digital screen. So, they could access email, read our blogs, check out our college photos on any wall or even on a glass top table..

There’d be so much information, so many options…

Would it make be better?.. or worse?

Just different..

We’ll think its definitely worse… after all, it was ONLY our generation that lived in the ‘glory days’..


This is probably inspired by my digital media module..

10 hours 55 mins to my last exam in NUS (assuming I pass all the others this semester of course..hehe)