NUS: I will remember(XVII) miscellaneous..

Everything can be filed under miscellaneous‘ – Dilbert

This is a collection of some rather random things that made up university life. I’m sure I’ve missed many but I guess I’ll add them in as and when I remember..

Birthdays: I’ve had 4 very cool birthdays here. My 1st one – the 18th had Mom making her way here and all of us heading down for reverse bungee, dinner at one of the café’s at Clarke Quay, followed by Bowling and then cutting a cake and WCP. This was followed by lunch again with Grandparents.. And then seeing family off followed again by a movie with friends. Pretty action packed I must say!

Things got quieter in the next 2 years. Had a nice midnight celebration with work team in year 2 at Swensens followed by Bowling again with friends followed by dinner! And the next year was a nice nice dinner at Dempsey Hill (Must go place for peace and quiet). Was freaking expensive though – remembering paying 12 dollars for a bottle of water!!

This year was also up there in terms of celebrations. My friends got together everyone from the ArtVibe and Sparkz team’s down for an awesome midnight celebration. This was followed by a busy day buying a few things and then a trip to the CASINO! It was a real ‘wow’ experience and a nice way to celebrate becoming ‘legal’!

Mom visits: Always always really special. Mom always makes it for byte sized visits because of free air travel thanks to Grandpa having retired from Indian Airlines(This has drastically reduced post recession). So, the only costs being staying here meant a 3 day trip every semester for the 1st 2 years..

Every time was crazy. One of them was a trip to Langkawi (coming soon..). Nice memories also were trips with Mom and the work team to Seafood Centre among others..

Job Hunt: How can I forget? All the best for all friends still fighting the good fight..

EE Labs: There was something dark and dreadful about these things. Fighting the dreadful feeling about the thought of navigating a 3 hour lab is going to be one thing I am going to remember for a long long time..

Oh, and lab reports, ugh!

EE2001: I had to mention this project module as a friend and I teamed up with 2 others, who were friends as well. Together, it was a permanent 2 on 2 duel.. I made my mistakes during this project and could have done better as a groupmate but I learnt a few important lessons. Went through a hellish 3 month period to learn those lessons though..

Borrowing my 1st library book in my 5th semester: This was a funny moment. I had somehow gone by all of my 1st 2 and a half years without borrowing a single library book.. And the book borrowed was from the Business Library – I guess that says a lot about my ‘education’.. :)

You can imagine how much I laughed about this..

This Blog: Probably among the better things that happened over these 4 years. It’s been a wonderful example of the Daffodil Principle (see here).

And it’s nice to go back in time and look at my first post (see here). :)

Someday, I should probably read through all the posts. Maybe when I’m home this summer! :)

That’s all for the miscellaneous for now..

Sure there is a lot more.

5 days to go..


Tuitions: There were also lots of fun times giving IT Tuitions to housewives and others from Gen X. It was a nice way to make $30 in an hour and also nice learning on how to teach.

PS: A friend pointed out that this post lacks the people element and looks like it’s been written in a hurry. I’m nodding to both! :) Over to my big lab report due tomorrow.. :D