The ‘Ah Interesting’ Reaction..

The inspiration:

David was taking a walk in a park. He was walking behind a little girl and a Mom when he noticed a helium balloon in the happy 3 year old girl’s hand. A sudden sharp gust of wind took the balloon from the girl and David braced himself for lots of crying and wailing.

But, as the girl saw the balloon flying up, she gleefully said ‘Wow!’
Later that day, David got a call with an unexpected problem and just as he was about to say ‘Oh no!’, he remembered the little girl and said ‘Wow! That’s interesting. How can I help?’
Life ‘s going to keep us off balance by throwing unexpected problems. We can choose, however, to be frustrated or fascinated!

I read this story 2 months ago and thought it was VERY cool. I thought it was a reaction worth scripting as I was traditionally an ‘Oh no!’ person every time I heard of a problem. Besides, I have always thought my reaction to trouble could be better. As I have realized now, it takes a while for an idea to become a thought and the thought to become an action. Finally, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing some positive results..

This week, for example –
-> My laptop started rejecting batteries(which is sad as I have to go back home where fluctuations are common = laptop will keep switching off..)
-> My 300 Gig External Hard drive has gone into stealth mode i.e. unrecognizable by comp and I’ve to get it checked on Monday.
-> 1000+ dollars owed to me thanks to Sparkz is going to take another couple of weeks. Already starved of cash flow..
-> Realized some extra work that needs to be done for an 80% lab report submission on Monday..
among others..

The best part -> For every one of these, I went – AH! Interesting! and laughed about it. I’m still a distance away from the ‘Wow’, but hey, here’s to getting there!