NUS: I will remember (XIV) ArtVibe..

It seemed only natural that I’d follow Sparkz with ArtVibe, my other baby during this final year. How ArtVibe happened is something I have a bit of a laugh about. I was 3 days away from catching my flight back home and I had just decided that I’d be spending my last year enjoying life as a student. I was looking for an exciting project or 2 to work on. Sparkz was in the ideation stage and I wasn’t sure if it would go through. Now, ArtVibe was a club I had seen a close friend run for a year and somehow, it hadn’t picked up from an encouraging start. So, I was very eager to do it to both help the club up and also bring this friend back to painting as he’s quite the pro..

I accidentally happened to meet one of the more passionate members and realized that they were unsure of what would happen to the interest group. And I readily jumped in – took her email address and said I’d follow up. I did.. And soon, we were ready to roll..

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it, I can’t paint or sketch or do anything art related for nuts..

1)The beginning: The biggest challenge here is that we had no team. So, there were 3 of us who began working on this slowly. We had a welcome tea before we knew it – we decided we would do little but try and do it well. Despite our lack of funds, we spent on a nice venue (Celadon Room, NUS museum) and we had a decent turn out – some of whom seemed very passionate.

We were all set of our first paint for fun session, which was a LOT of fun! We had a bit of impromptu learning and then a fun activity. Before we knew it, we had two more VERY enthusiastic 1st years join us and soon, we had the beginnings of a team..

We had quite a few activities over the year. For more on what happened, here’ s a link to our blog..

2)The Team: I just realized that I’ve never featured the ArtVibe team on my blog. So, here goes! There’s everyone on the picture that made ArtVibe happen this year..

Top Row:
From Left

CS a.k.a Casiel Tey a.k.a Ching Siong: Our humor guru. An amazing artist, full of laughs, excitement, energy and a joy for laugh. Oh, and also great insight in discussions and blessed with a brilliant sense of humor. CS was one of the big big contributors in the Olympic Art Project

Nadiah: Nadiah was a great addition in our 1st semester. While she wasn’t able to participate due to hectic school schedules (she’s a student of nursing), her passion for art was great to see. She lead some great sessions like Art Appropriation (I still don’t know what that means being the art ‘noob’ that I am..) and a great session on making photo frames with ice cream sticks

Bottom Row:

From Left:

Eli: Amazing artist – lead many sessions and an expert in too many things to mention. Eli was instrumental in bringing the group up to speed in the first semester and was someone we could rely on throughout..

Rohan: :)

Aishwarya: Aish was the other corner stone in helping getting the ball rolling. A very talented sketching person, Aish was the logistics person who made sure all the paint for fun sessions.

Center Row:

The reason I’ve saved these guys for last is because these guys did an amazing amazing job along with CS in making Olympic Art happen. So, now for the row of stars –

From Left:

Madhu: Madhu is the incoming President of ArtVibe for the year 2010-11. Simply an amazing person who landed from exchange just at the right time. Despite tight schedules thanks to an attachment with Accenture, Madhu was always around even during sessions when the team was up late in the night on a weekday.

Dhanya: Dhanya’s been the ArtVibe poster girl for the year. She’s been the one who’s practically been learning the ropes along to take over all the logistics. A very talented artist, great great team mate who has this amazing ability to take herself very very lightly and hence is a joy to be with..

Abishek: Abishek was the other super passionate 1st year who joined ArtVibe. Another very creative person – always brimming with ideas and lots of energy. Also our ArtVibe photographer and blogger. Very skilled at both!

Looking to Abishek, Dhanya and CS (all in their 1st year) to keep the ArtVibe flag flying high in the coming years.. :)

Snigdha: Snigdha is a close friend who came into ArtVibe with a desire to help. It turned out that I was way too tied up with Sparkz to help with the Olympic Art project and Snigdha readily took it up – leading the initiative all the way! It was thanks to her that the event flowed smoothly and successfully. Amazing leader and always always full of positive energy!!

Since there’s been so much talk about Olympic Art, do check out pictures and the post about the event here..

The team has been THE biggest success this year! Every moment spent with them has been memorable..

3)A lesson in delegation: One of the things I have always been eager to learn was delegation. I’d read in multiple books that it’s the natural step to growth. I always agreed but I found it very difficult to let go of anything that had my name on it completely. It’s a matter of empowerment and trust. The Olympic Art came at a time when Sparkz was nearing THAT time when every night was an all nighter and following Sparkz, I needed a bit of a break and needed to piece bits of life like FYP, modules etc together. So, I had no choice but to learn to let go..

It was a great experience just for that. I actually think the whole event went much better without me than it would ever have with me around.. Haha. A great lesson, a superb experience..

Thank you, ArtVibe Team, for making it happen! :)

And for all those interested in checking ArtVibe out, here’s the link to our facebook page!

8 days to go..