NUS: I will remember(IV) PGPR..

|Still searching for a better photo..|

Wow.. I’m already into my last school week here. There’s going to be a lot of lasts coming up..

Prince George’s Park Residences or PGPR has been home to me. As one of the management office guys put it, I’m a veteran of 4 years now as I have never checked out of a room in PGP thanks to staying back most vacations for work..

PGPR or PGP has been ‘home’. I still remember the first time I called PGP ‘home’ on phone in my 2nd semester – and still remember Mom and Grandmom saying their hearts fell heavy as my dorm room had become ‘home’ now.. :)

Having lived here – 3 big things I remember..

1) My Rooms:

28-7-K: My most scenic room. I still remember times when I used to walk out and enjoy the breeze on the 7th floor overlooking the harbor.. The only drawback is that the room would get flooded if there was rain and I almost lost my laptop to a shower. Oh, and it was very far from the bus stop = no lectures!

Had very friendly clustermates who had to deal with late night saturday night movie sessions, and did so without too many complaints.. I loved this room!

21-2-E: This one was like a microwave oven. Always very hot! My talk show adventure began in this room.. so sweet memories of video-ing in an around this one!

17-B2-H: I dreaded being in a room in basement 2 but being right next to the ‘forest’ (a bunch of trees really) behind PGP, it was generally pretty quiet. The only trouble was unwanted visitors that included weird looking moths, lizards and the like.

22-3-H: My current room right opposite the canteen. A little low on privacy, tends to be hot at times.. but I love it..

Learning: I realized that we are happiest when we make every place we move into, ‘home’. I was most happy when I finally made my 1st room look exactly like my room at home – yellow lights, a bed on the side(for friends to sit! :)) and great speakers. When we know where home is, we are just happier..

2) Foyer, Blocks and Mcbreakfast: Some of the most memorable times were sitting down at the PGP foyer and blocks with friends and just chatting around..

In fact, one of the more memorable memories was to finish studying and meet together with a bunch of friends at around 5am, order Mcbreakfast and then go to bed!

Learning: As time passes, it’s the small and sweet things that stay in our memories..

3) Lounges, food, chat and game nights: This one is remembering all the nights we stayed playing Risk, often for 5-6 hours with full intensity. Other memories are games of dumb charades which were a big craze last semester among others.. All these nights had a couple of things in common – staying up for chats and then ordering Mcbreakfast!!

|Mcbreakfast generally involved delicious sausage mcmuffin with egg, Hashbrowns, incredibly tasty pancakes with maple syrup and butter|

Learning: Risk divided opinion. Games of risk involved intense strategy often leading to serious atmosphere and arguments. I am on the ‘I love it’ side purely because tension strengthens bonds and would love to do it once a while as we used to.. :)

This post doesn’t include the many many many nights spent with friends just listening to music, the many nights spent working on concepts like Sparkz, the many nights spent just enjoying student life. PGP became an amazing place in our 2nd year with food options all the way upto 2am which greatly helped as well(given typical schedules)..

It also doesn’t include the wonderful Georgie’s/Nanyang Mart which always has everything we need, the awesome tennis court and the beautiful sight of evening from foyer..

And in my heart of hearts, I know I’ll probably miss PGP more than I will miss anything else in NUS.. there wouldn’t be any NUS without PGP.. :)