The Hug..

For the next time we hug someone..

Let’s just hug..

Forget the worries – life is full of them, and just hug..

Full on, hold tight and not let go.. (till the person on the receiving end says – Hey, you’re strangling me.. That’d be a start..)

Not the quick 2 second timed touch-and-go hug..

Not the 1 sided put-arm-around-the-other-person’s-shoulder hug..

Not the acknowledgement of oh-yes-we-need-to-touch-other kind of hug..

But, the give-myself-completely-to-the-other-person kind of hug..

What are we afraid or wary of?

That our vulnerability is going to be touched?

That the people watching will take a photo and put it on facebook? or gossip about it?

For the same sex, that is it is gay? What about our macho footballers then, who hug and kiss each other when they celebrate a goal? Is that gay?


Let’s leave a small piece of ourselves with others..

Because we never know when we’ll need it back..

and besides, it’s our ability to love that makes us humane – not just human, but humane

and most importantly, when we look at our life’s defining moments, it’s little things like this that change the course of our short stay on this planet..

Over to FYP (a.k.a final year project for the uninitiated) now. Pity it isn’t human and pity hugs don’t work.. :)