Midnight walk and top of the table..

Just took a midnight walk thanks to calls from my ArtVibe team to check out their cool completed masterpiece. I was tempted not to go with FYP and work generally looming but hey.. given I wrote the line about letting ourselves being influenced first, there was no way I was saying no..

And boy, isn’t their work a master-piece?

Some Facts –
1,600 sq feet..
Handpainted largely by 5 incredible people (with help from a few others as well..)
They are hoping 2,000 NUS students will sign on this work of art..

Oh, And I think they deserve an award if they manage to pull it off and survive the week! Here’s to them.. Very proud! :D

On a side note, United beat Liverpool 2-1 today.. and Chelsea drew meaning United are now top of the table..

Trophies are only handed out in May, but we ought to celebrate small wins, right? :D