ArtVibe’s Olympic Art – An example of ‘Tough to let go’..

NUS ArtVibe is on its way to breaking records with a 1600 square feet hand painted banner.. As you can, see it is HUGE and the project itself is massive and being supported by the Singapore Youth Olympic Games committee as well as top level NUS management.

The wonderful part is that the team is doing a great job in managing this! Led by Snigdha, and ably assisted by Ching Siong a.k.a CS, Dhanya, Abishek, Madhurima and He Yun.. the team has successfully managed to finish painting this mammoth campus and yes, hand paint it! The painting looks fantastic.. the next step is to raise awareness about it by leaving it at the ‘Lovers Park’ behind Central Forum, NUS and to atleast get 1,000 signatures from NUS student as a show of support to the Youth Olympic Games..

Oh, and there is also a competition where-in the most creative sign/contribution will earn $300..

All well, except for me, I think.. haha. I joined the team yesterday during a work session for the first time. So far, I’ve only been their ‘consultant’.. where I’ve only helped them when they’ve had problems. This is primarily because of all the time that has gone into Sparkz..

The fight inside my head as of yesterday was ‘Should I step in or not?’ If I did, a few things would change (for good or bad, we cannot tell..) but I was wondering if it would be a good idea. And, as luck would have it, the book I was listening to (The 8th habit – Stephen Covey) narrated the story from the life of the famous WWII general George Patton. He said –

‘I was trying to tell my commanding officer, who was somewhat reluctant to attack, that I had full confidence in him. To show it, I went home..’

Enough said, I think..

It’s a tough one for someone who loves the taste of action, but I think I’ll take a leaf out of George Patton’s book.. :)

Background: I am technically the President of the NUS ArtVibe interest group. Despite being a person who is not artistic inclined by any means. It was a big dream of a close friend that this interest group should do well and be a place for art enthusiasts to get together and it looked like it was going to die out last year.

Having decided to get back to student life, I was looking for something to do as well. And that’s how the ArtVibe love-in happened.. :)

Sparkz just got 1st priority as it was my baby right from the start(i.e. with the history with ExpressionHappens).. haha

Learning lots along the way.. and if I can learn to ‘let go’, then that would be worth more than I can even imagine!