Aaand it’s time for the Manchester Derby..!

When was the last time I woke up at 4am to watch a Carling Cup match?

When was the last time a Utd-City game had so much rivalry and significance?

Never would be the answer to both..

Good for English football..

And may the best team win! :D

Note: For those uninitiated – Manchester United vs Manchester City(the new richest club in the world) is the Manchester derby. Derby is a match played within places close by – where the rivalry is shared by the common public who discuss the game at work. For example, imagine an average work-place is manchester where supporters are split between the 2 clubs.. Never are matches played with as much passion. For a Utd fan, watching the City moneybags challenge is bad enough and we need to win this!

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for war.