Comfort – A different side..

I love holidays.. The only learnings I have been able to update all of semester have been Good morning quotes. Now is the time for reflection..!

Back to comfort.. Comfort is the seeming end objective for a big lot of us. Comforts are those things we associate with the good life. :)

What I’ve seen more often than not is that the feeling of comfort is probably the most damaging thing that happens to us..

Why else do married women complain – ‘You were so different before we got married’. Of course, after the period of romance, all of a sudden, things are taken for granted. Why else do we take the food we eat for granted, all the wonderful comforts that we have for granted and complain?

Why is it that we are moved when we see a gripping movie/gripping message and ‘vow’ to take less for granted? Just because we are shaken out of our comfort zone. Happened to me when I was brooding over rejections from potential employers along with other semester issues and a close friend’s parent passed away. All of a sudden I was shaken, thanking the lord for the safety of loved ones in my life. All the small things per se wilted away..

This is why I love the maxim.. ‘Live like you would drop dead by midnight..’. All of a sudden, the small things go away.. The best of winners are those who don’t spend too much time in their comfort zone. When Ferguson won the 2006-07 Premier league title, everyone lauded him. But, he went on and spent 60 million on re-inforcement and the result has been a champions league in addition to 2 more premier leagues. That’s a man who doesn’t believe in a comfort zone..

That’s not to say we should never be comfortable and enjoy the small joys that comfort brings us. Again, enjoying small comforts and just letting ourselves being comfortable are two different things..

Ralph Waldo Emerson once found a piece of paper when he was walking in the street and he said the piece of advice changed his life.

‘Always Do what you are afraid to do’ was all
that was written on that note..

Now, how do I go about making this real i.e. implementing this? Weekly reminders?