Karaoke Memories..

Listening to Akele Hum Akele Tum..

The scene: Our house in Borkhola, on the outskirts of Silchar where my Dad and I were karaoke-ing the song. It’s a very simple song.. he was an accomplished singer and all I had was the little kid’s part singing ‘Oh I love you Daddy’.

The song is on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfBidjlJqNE

it’s a beautiful song – speaking of a Dad’s love for his son as they live together and the movie involves the story of how the mom moves back to live with them..

While in those memories, I had a smile on my face. It’s been 8 years now since I lost my Dad. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve moved on completely and don’t miss him. There have been many many times especially in the recent past when I’ve been contemplating future decisions about my career that i’ve wondered what he would say.
I’ve taken all these decisions by myself so far.. worked in a start-up, done the unconventional.. would I have – if he was around? I don’t know..

While it’s been great to have a free reign, I’d again be lying if I said I wouldn’t have liked his counsel..

I learnt a lot from Dad.. especially the 1 thing I am most grateful for.. He always stressed the importance of owning the best. It didn’t matter what it was – music system or shoes – he wouldn’t mind paying that bit extra to own the best and he took immense joy in showing off his new stuff(and hated it when others bettered him. haha) but its been a useful lesson as I am not a frequent buyer.. but when I buy, I always remember him.

There is a particular incident that comes to mind. I was nagging him for a remote control car that my friend had bought for 10 riyals(3 sgd/100 rupees) and he didn’t answer for a long time till one day mom and dad took me shopping and said they were buying this car for a family friend and what would I choose as a gift? I remember being in tears as I was choosing between a HUGE monster truck which could go over all surfaces and a very very cool race car which could reach 25 km/hr in a few seconds. I was in half a mind to choose the truck despite the car being better as I thought ‘serves that guy right -taking my gift!’. We took the car.. and guess what.. it was for me! Cost 10 times more than the one I was asking for.. but did I learn the lesson..

He also had a very strong sense of time which I will not forget, a sense of fun, making sudden plans, doing the unpredictable, enjoyed entertaining friends, having them over, was very generous with money whenever it was available, took great care of his parents, was very fussy when ill/hurt.. a lot of these have flown right down! :)

Dad left us on 9th September 2001 for reasons known only to him. A lot of people feel when people pass away, we must erase the memories especially if the parting wasn’t pleasant. As time has passed, I find myself disagreeing.. he was a great father. I can almost never recall him telling me off for getting low grades(that was darling mom’s duty) but I was alway wary of going to him with anything less than his expectations. He was great at math, logic, good with people, very good at dealing with me, my first cricket friend when he used to bamboozle me with leg spin.. and he used to always push me to study in the very best institutions and land the best of jobs..

I hope I’m making him proud wherever he is..

You see.. in all my introductions I always thank mom, grandad, grandmom.. but I just realized that my mission statement says ‘Remember the people involved’ and he was a big part of who I am today – which is why I’ve never changed my name from the “Rohan Rajiv” .. just so I remember that time may have passed, but a part of him still lives within. I may hardly ever mention him.. a big part thanks to being blessed with mom, granddad and grandmom who make sure nothing is amiss.. but that doesn’t mean he never was there!

And most of all, the thing I am most thankful for from him is his gift of music. it’s thanks to him I have a ear for music(even if I didn’t get his awesome voice.. haha).. and that has made all the difference in the world..