There are songs for every period…

Semester 1-> One Last Breath(Freshies), Blue(Feeling blue), echo(towards the end)
Semester 2-> New slang(Friends), Honey and the moon(…), ever after you(…), only gay eskimo(Kaushik), Engel(Kaushik), Kaisi paheli(Bips)

Semester 3-> Hey there Delilah(Shubham, personal song of Stanford’07)
Semester 5-> This year’s love(Girl next door), Sparrows over Birmingham(Also GND)

Semester 6-> Hurt so good(KOIT), Say(KOIT), Hurt(Kaushik), Bubbly(KOIT)
Summer Hols ’09 -> Hallelujah(Pre Harvard’08)
Semester 7-> Love story(Bips), Super Trouper(Mamma Mia revival), Take a chance on me, Winner takes it all and HANGOVER SONG by Stu(

and 12th standard studying for boards -> Aah Music playlist! :) Summer of 69, Angel, Hoobastank, Untitled, Numb etc.. All friends have been bored by this one.. haha
12th standard school -> Tanananaaa.. ado anda paravaipola..
Orientation – > Without me(me rapping..hehe)

Here are a few I remember..
Thanks to Eli and the MIT guy who wrote about university life for this one.. :)