Continuing on foundation..

It’s the same in our lives.. We can only achieve things once our foundation is set right. once we feel good about ourselves.. atleast I feel that’s the positive way of things getting done..

Else we journey through life with either a win/lose mentality or an ‘i’m ok/you’re not ok’ mentality driven internally by either a feeling of inferiority or a lust for recognition or money.. which is never satisfied because there’s always that someone else who is more popular or has more money!

The one route to being happy is if we are content and satisfied within.. because what’s on the inside is mirrored on the outside.. :)

Only when the foundation is right can work really get done..

Only when the basics, cleanliness, family, other life aspects are in place can we really do productive work.

Leadership is all about setting the environment. If we aspire to be leaders, we have to begin with success at home first and that would mean setting the environment right for ourselves first.

This involves a whole lot of things.. a routine, containers for everything we do so we don’t let it spill over.. which means if we have study time, we stick to study time and do it well and if we have play time, we don’t let it interfere into the next because when they spill, its like the falling of a mountain of cards..

Not easy.. life, as always, is a massive balancing act! :)