Learning is always about the people around you..

One of the things I realized is that sending in learnings from my phone is good but not the same as coming down and signing in to see my dashboard as I see learnings from the rest in this community of learning blogs and it gives a feeling of togetherness.

Do check out the blogs of the regular ones on –

Mom -> http://dreamlearns.blogspot.com/
Nishanth -> http://ilearnthereforeiam.blogspot.com/
Michael -> http://michaellearnseveryday.blogspot.com/

STOP rushing..

I ALWAYS do things in a hurry.. Rushing here.. Rushing there.. All last minute. I wish now I had listened to Grandpa who used to be against just this notion that all could be done in the last minute.. But now..as life is becoming more about taking responsibility.. This same habit is digging my own grave..

Need to stop rushing and do what I can..well..

In fact..all did go well. It was school and carefree life after all.