Time flies..

There are ups and downs.. we try to enjoy the ups, forget the downs.. and the cycle keeps repeating itself..

life sure moves quickly..

How much of a difference can we make out of the whole ride?


Remember Marler..

It is amazing how characters from books can inspire us. One such character is Marler -> from Colin Forbes’ book series featuring the British SIS team always saving the world/Europe/England..

The books were nice – I liked them when I read them a few years back but this one character used to keep my nterest in the books alive. Since he wasn’t the main character, he only used to appear in parts and I couldn’t wait to read the parts when he arrived.

Marler was the deadliest marksman in wester europe. He shot with his trusted armalite sniper rifle which he would assemble, had contacts all over Europe for arms and he was immaculately dressed, clean shaven and always with a cigar. I could picture him leaning on the wall(his characteristic position) and was always the guy who took the decisive shot. He was an epitome of patience and alertness – it was impossible to hoodwink him or fool him, if he checked something -> it stayed checked. If he told the team they were safe, there were never any questions asked. He was the genius behind any encounter and the guy who could wait for hours to get a target without even expressing restlessness.

He is everything I’d like to be – it turns out because I am exactly the opposite- unfocussed, rushing, not thorough and the like.

It’s a simple mantra. Remember Marler … maybe I should borrow a Colin Forbes book one of these days to bring back memories. :)