Learning from Armageddon..

This is a learning from the movie starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler wherein Willis and Affleck save the world from a large asteroid crash. I personally love the movie and re visit a few scenes from time to time.

One such scene is just before the team is about to fly off to space – Willis(leader) demands that everyone get a day off because of the intense training over the past few days. And Affleck and Tyler(being in love..) take the day off to a picturesque part of the country side and enjoy the evening with cheery romantic conversations. At that moment, Tyler asks Ben if he thought there were many others spending such a moment at that time.. ‘I hope so.. what else are we saving the world for?’ answered Affleck

I think the answer is classic. And is a true testament to the idea of treating every day like it were our last. Let’s try and remember such moments, spread love, cheer and happiness..For this moment, let’s try and forget stress, illness, deadlines and just thank the lord for all we’ve got..

what else are we living this life for?


Sometimes things go wrong..

without you playing any part..

I was called for my cluster cleaning and said I’d be there in 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, all my food that was bought to help my stomach get better + food gotten from home and kept with so much care were all thrown out. Forget the money – if you are a lover of food, you would realize the value of delicious home made recipes..

All gone.. before I knew it. Its like a tragedy..

Indeed, sh*t happens..

Take time off..

to eat your food..alone..without reading/listening to a book..without talking to anyone else..without the show on the television/computer.. just you and your food..try a rendezvous..

This was the first thing that the attender at my school at home told me when I went back to school this time around. He told me to focus on my food and eat and said the difference in health would be stunning..

Truly wise.. Thanks to you Ismail! :)

When you’re told to take a break..

when things are not going good.. take a break!

I’m referring to the one God told me to take a few days ago(regarding my stomach..). ;) But hey, when I did take the break yesterday by eating easily digestible food(see list 2 posts below) , things are already looking up.

On another note, this might happen when things are going wrong. Similar situations at work when you just find yourself amidst a whole cascade of screw ups without any idea of how it actually started..and then your boss comes up to you and says – take a break.. go sleep! and boy, are we tempted to be heroic and say – no no, its fine.. i’ll work harder! Believe me, there are times it works.. but at other times, respect the words of the higher authority.. :D