Winning the battle.. losing the war..

Just read a nice story about a sage who had an argument with a King on who should cross a bridge first. Eventually, he was incensed enough to curse the king to turn into a demon and the demon ended up eating the sage..

At soccer today, I was caught in a dilemma playing with an aggressive amateur learning the ropes. Every time I got the ball, the guy lunged.. And I learnt my lesson in soccer when I fell and tore a bit of my chin. I can’t forget the hard words I got from a friend who said the smartest footballers are the ones who don’t get hurt.. They are the ones who manage to stay fit and keep at after game.. So, here I was, trying to be the good guy and had a nice word with our lunging hero and the guy lost it on me. And I was half tempted to lose it as well.. and then stopped myself as the whole point of playing soccer was to have fun.. I’d win the battle maybe.. and lose the war..

You see, In the final analysis, it was between me and the ball anyway..