Variation of ‘cool’..

Haven’t we all wanted to be ‘cool’ at some point of time? Herein, I take a look at what I used to think was cool..
10 years back – I used to think cool was dressing and talking like a rap star. Lots of chains, tattoos and a cool afro american accent and there you go..
5 years back – I realized that it was important that we were passionate and really good at something. So, when I took up soccer(for example), guys like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jay jay Okocha(remember him?) etc were cool. Cool skills that fooled all opponents was the criterion..
Now – The coolest guys is the guy who puts the ball in the back of the net, time after time, after time..

Basically, cool, to me is no longer cool tricks and showbiz, just the guy who does what he s supposed to do and does it again and again..and again…