Do this.. and you are set for life

1. No, you aren’t set for life and never will be. You might attain financial independence but that doesn’t mean life will go easy on you. The demons will just be higher up on Maslow’s pyramid. It is a video game with an infinite number of levels. Enjoying the game is just as important as moving through the levels.

2. “This” assumes things get easy after a certain goal or accomplishment. That’s flawed. It never gets easy. In some ways, that’s the point.

3. If it isn’t apparent as yet, let me re-emphasize – there is no “this.”

Where will I feel most pain?

Often, that’s a great question to identify the projects worth doing.

The pain of starting afresh, the pain of fighting the resistance, the pain of having to prove ourselves again are indicators of the sort of stretching required to learn and grow. It is easiest to stay stagnant. It might also be painless in the short term but pain in the short term has it’s way of paying off in the long term.

Our lizard brain prefers to trigger the flight response at the sight of pain. Perhaps it’s time to rewire it a bit..