A recommendation..

to find stillness for 10 minutes in your day..

That means that we all find an activity when we put all the troubles, the stress behind us and just focus on something small.. My stillness activity is threading needles. I thread 50 needles a day thanks to a recommendation from a great set of people to help me improve my focus.

I’ve discovered that the needles give me 10 minutes of solace where I just spend time with myself..and enjoy the stillness..

Why stillness? Because I heard a small part of a book I listen to whenever I feel rushed – called ‘Stillness Speaks’ by a philospher by name ‘Eckhart Tolle’. The beauty of the book is his voice..and the way he spreads the feeling of stillness.. inexplicable!

Philosophical yes.. beautiful nevertheless..:)

In Fergie we trust..

My learning comes from Manchester United’s great manager – Sir Alex Ferguson! I’d posted a couple of months ago that things looked very very bad for Man Utd despite winning the European Cup and the English Premier League with the star looking set to leave and other transfer targets almost looking to leave..

Its amazing how things balance themselves out under strong leadership and things have now returned to normal with a top class addition in the side in addition to the great team already in place. There is a lot happening with another club being bankrolled by a rich billionaire throwing money like never before. And it looks big things are going to happen..

I’d still wait.. Still interesting to see if there will be anyone who will match the tactical genius and inspiration provided by Sir Alex Chapman Ferguson..

Great leaders – they make it or break it..!