Always make change slowly..

Remember the frog in boiling water strategy..

‘Frog in Boiling Water’ strategy: Remember the story about the frog that jumped into boiling water? Of course, the frog jumped right out of the boiling water immediately. However, the frog jumped next into cold water, and was very happy, but the water temperature was being raised very slowly over time. After some hours this water was boiling – and the frog never jumped out!


Maybe there are 2 learnings here:

1. How not to be the frog getting cooked very slowly – I don’t know how to do this, I think it can be potentially by being be very sensitive to trends for e.g. the US economy over the past years!

2. How to a catch a frog for a hot soup – e.g. implementing change very slowly – like increase your prices by 1% each month!