Internet Connectivity..

These days.. we are always connected. Its not a question of ‘whether we like it or not’ anymore, is it? There was a time when I used to plan for a trip and think of my essentials just before leaving and these would be clothes to books to other knick knacks. These days, I travel in peace when I know I have my laptop, phone and respective chargers. And am sure this is the case for so many others!

Well, I missed a learning yesterday and the big reason was that I was in the middle of nowhere where connectivity is concerned. I could almost picture myself trudging through a 100 new emails the next day and the fact that I had indeed missed my learning for the day..

So, again, the big learning for the day is that we need these breaks – once in a while. It gets tougher for us to be disconnected as we grow older, have more to do, more responsibilities. So, while we can enjoy it, we should – once a while..!

When you feel stressed..

This one’s tricky! There are times when there is really nothing going wrong. Yet, we feel stressed! These stresses can really vary – from work to personal issues to finances and the like.. And this stress sucks the life out of us. We stop enjoying everything we do, sleep less and try to solve the problem by working harder! And what do you know.. its never solved!

Something that may help is if we sat down and wrote out everything thats happening. Some of the things which we think is stressing us out may not actually be and maybe we will actually find something that helps. I’m just trying it out.. lets hope it helps!


No real time to let go..

There are times when we have to let people go, sometimes its people at work, sometimes friends and close relatives..
We can try, try real hard – at times never give up and be of help. There are just times when we have to let go, and let people find their way much as we’d like to help them. Can anyone define a lost cause? In my limited experience, there is no specific time.. its a feeling thing!

Always listen to experience..


We were casually talking about going to buy some electronic goods on a different side of town. Immediately, my grandpa quipped that we better take care of our pockets and guard against pickpockets. So, we just nodded and went ahead.. and it did turn out that the first piece of advice we got from a common friend was to guard against pickpockets.

Difficult to explain this learning but its just that my grandfather’s quip was probably coming from his experience 20 years or so ago and his common sense just told him that it d still be the same. As youngsters, we often tend to scoff this advice with the ‘things aren’t how they used to be..’ but it was one of 2 similar experiences today when the experience really showed..

Even if we dont agree, it is definitely good to listen!


before we buy something. Small, but useful lesson..

and probably one of the best things to be these days is to become a pro at google search. Helps!

Means? or ends?

This is probably the most profound yet perennial philosophical questions of all time – is it about the end objective or is it also about how we get there?
In some ways, its just like we are expected to get results when we are at work and in most cases, its the results that matter but I guess the question to be asked is what gives us more satisfaction. Let’s take a simple case where we have a target we will take years to achieve – maybe it is that we will be really happy when we achieve it but if we see the journey to it to be all about getting to that end, then we miss the journey..
That’s my learning. There are lots of people who get good results etc but very few enjoy the process..