I like the time when..

it was Jack Welch I think who said a CEO is expected to turn up record profits every quarter, and make sure that the people in his company are doing what they love, and make sure that they are not overworked so as to make sure their work-life balance is optimum..

Who are we talking about again? Superman?

Moral of the story: ‘Balance’ is academic..

To each..his/her own..

If your circuit works as soon as it is wired..

there’s definitely something wrong with it! – Said the Prof who was giving us a briefing on an electrical engineering project module.

He’ s got a point! Only when you do get negative feedback do you know that there’s something right in what you are doing.

As Randy Pausch said, the moment people stop pointing out your mistakes, your game’s done!

Am quoting Randy Pausch a lot, aren’t I..