Old habits..

(both good and bad..) are hard to change..

when we are used to something, it isn’t easy to change or stop doing something all of a sudden. Its like getting out of an addiction(a milder version).. happens in phases.
Its like when you have a habit of diving into the water every time there is a problem(whether or not it is the right solution..), there is a given situation when diving in the water disturbs the entire ecosystem because you are a bad diver. This has gone to the point when the ecosystem could be in serious trouble and could have much worse repercussions than you can imagine. Added to this is the fact that you have been diving in for a couple of years now without too much thought and of late, have been told to stay out. And there are these times when, by mistake, when old habits surface..
and then there are unnecessary issues because people who trust your habit change are disappointed.. and will have to police you lest you encroach on forbidden territory again..
requires you to have lots and lots of will power…..