Playing games..

is not always for winning! Especially when playing in a team, it is good not to try to be too perfect, get too competitive and try to prove ourselves. Curb it down..chill out and have fun! :)


once you reach a new place! especially when there are people expecting you. If you don’t, don’t expect them to be too pleased to see you! :D

Music tastes..

This has always been a subject of intrigue personally. Very similar to the previous post, the ‘coolness’ factor varies with time! At different stages, different types of music were considered cool – hard rock, rap, metal, house etc. I’ve always found it interesting because my taste in music is pretty straightforward. I have never really gone by genre or band – whatever sounds good, works! Now, it is very difficult for me to explain what my tastes are.. and these tastes are often ridiculed. At some point, it is difficult to remember who’s a ‘gay’ band and whose not. And I’ve seen many a friend struggle with this and try and conform..

My learning – it’s not worth it! You like Backstreet boys? Enjoy it! Its fine.. just make sure your opinions(especially if they are strong, don’t change every few days!)