The mind fears the unknown…

 And our lack of action often stems from this fear, and perhaps not having enough courage (yet) to face what we have always known…

Thank you for crystallising this thought.

(This is a comment from an anonymous somebody on the previous post! It was too good to be just left as a comment. :) Thanks to Anonymous!)

Its amazing how much our mind loves..


Most problems are thinking/structuring problems and never doing problems –
What that means is that if we don’t want to do a certain task, it is only because we have no clear structure/direction. Our mind is always ok onc we have next steps and direction..
Hence, the key at every point is to think through next steps and the action will follow..


getting rejected!

Seriously.. not easy at first.. but well worth it..!
I went out today after a while with the camera to get responses for my little talk show on and guess what – so many said ‘no’, didn’t want to be on camera etc.. 
tough at first..
feels good later thanks to the experience! :)