A rule..

Never destroy something that already exists! Work around it, make a different version but it is cardinal not to destroy something and having been a person who has violated this rule, you can’t imagine how important it is that I learn it! Most importantly, it comes through with another important learning – if I have indeed screwed something up, it is imperative that I fix it!

Now, that’s like – if I sprayed paint on a wall, I really can’t expect somebody else to clean it up for me. If necessary, I should even call the CEO of the paint company and figure how to clean it but I can and should do it myself. The footballing analogy is that if I do lose the ball, it is stupid to expect someone else to chase the guy and get it back.

A team where everyone works that hard is generally right up there..

When we make something..

it is important we always think of passing it on. For eg: imagine I make a new website, it is not smart to assume that I would be the only person in the world to use it(and dream of success as well..the one man website trillionaire ;))..

It is difficult to explain beyond this.. but just that when things are passed on to others with the intention of them using it, they generally have to be very very simple! And this is totally consisten with the fact that only simple things work..

Let’s remember Google..

End it on your own terms..

Watching Aston Villa(an english premier league football club) deal with Gareth Barry reminds me of a management insight of always making sure that we should always aim to end things on our own terms. The situation is that Barry, their captain and star in many ways, has been angling for a move to Liverpool(a bigger club) and has been letting his tongue loose a bit where the media is concerned.

Aston Villa’s manager has decided to come down hard on him and in a stroke of genius declared that he is banned from attending pre season practice(which he never wanted to attend anyway..). Basically, in one cool move, the situation has changed from a player trying to act big to him being fired..

Interesting..and happens all the time!

Its all about balance..

Haven’t we all felt those times when we feel we have everything going for us and would love to show it – maybe do a jig and show the world how happy we are. Its in those times that the really great ones start planning ahead to avoid future pitfalls which are a sureity.

Not to say that we don’t enjoy the moment.. but as the heading says – its all about balance.. :)

Marcus Aurelius..

who asked us to understand the nature of things before trying to act smart(basically..)

This basically means that we need to understand things before trying to use them. Such understanding doesn’t really come by just purchasing something, but by understanding the nature by engaging in building it from scratch..

Try Try?

What happens when you keep trying and still keep screwing up?

Keep trying.. because..as mentioned before.. ‘many quit just on the brink of unprecedented successs’ .. ;)

Saluting Sir Isaac Newton..

While I’ve never been too much of an admirer of physics, I do want to take a moment here in salute of Sir Isaac Newton who had the humility to liken his knowledge to that of a pebble compared to an ocean..

Saluting the humility!


I realized today that there are some dreams that just stay within. Its today I opened up and spoke about something that has been in my head for a long time. Well, primarily, it is possibly highly improbable and I guess the one big reason why I have never mentioned it is because, somewhere inside, I’ve been wary of it being rejected, wary of it being laughed at.. Somehow, it almost points to an identity issue..

What’s really great is the feeling of finally having come out with it and having spoken to a bunch. Now, its a question of writing it down..and making it happen! :D

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.’ – Henry David Thoreau


I hereby solemnly swear that I shall make a sincere attempt to laugh at myself at every opportunity – laugh loud and remind myself that I am but a fool on this lovely planet!

Quote – ‘one who laughs at himself will never be laughed at’..

So, the renewed attempt begins not to take myself too seriously..! :D