Marcus Aurelius..

who asked us to understand the nature of things before trying to act smart(basically..)

This basically means that we need to understand things before trying to use them. Such understanding doesn’t really come by just purchasing something, but by understanding the nature by engaging in building it from scratch..

Try Try?

What happens when you keep trying and still keep screwing up?

Keep trying.. mentioned before.. ‘many quit just on the brink of unprecedented successs’ .. ;)

Saluting Sir Isaac Newton..

While I’ve never been too much of an admirer of physics, I do want to take a moment here in salute of Sir Isaac Newton who had the humility to liken his knowledge to that of a pebble compared to an ocean..

Saluting the humility!


I realized today that there are some dreams that just stay within. Its today I opened up and spoke about something that has been in my head for a long time. Well, primarily, it is possibly highly improbable and I guess the one big reason why I have never mentioned it is because, somewhere inside, I’ve been wary of it being rejected, wary of it being laughed at.. Somehow, it almost points to an identity issue..

What’s really great is the feeling of finally having come out with it and having spoken to a bunch. Now, its a question of writing it down..and making it happen! :D

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.’ – Henry David Thoreau


I hereby solemnly swear that I shall make a sincere attempt to laugh at myself at every opportunity – laugh loud and remind myself that I am but a fool on this lovely planet!

Quote – ‘one who laughs at himself will never be laughed at’..

So, the renewed attempt begins not to take myself too seriously..! :D

Don’t take it personally…

another one in those long line of phrases that are easy to give as advise but very difficult to execute. Well, its not easy not to take it personally. Let’s take a common situation when you are yelled at without having any idea what happened or why it happened. Now, it so happens that you have been making a conscious effort to do things as straight as possible. But, something goes wrong and the circumstances are truly beyond your control because even when retracing your steps, the situation and your actions refuse to add up and make sense.

What’s really important to understand at this point is that; much as it may seem like you are the one being attacked, you aren’t! I mean.. why would anybody want to do so? Generally, people have better things to do in life. ;)

Again, easier said but execution wise, what that really means is to take time off – If you are feeling really bad, I’ve found sleep to be a very good solution. Because inevitable, when we feel bad, we lose motivation to do anything and its much better we sleep it off and wake up fresh and raring to go. Now, I also feel it helps talking about it if it is really really bad but it is equally pointless if we go and talk to our mom/friend/boss and say we didn’t enjoy being screamed at. Duh! Of course they know and in all probability, they didn’t enjoy it either. What’s really good to understand is that the reason these guys choose to spend time with us is because they love seeing our cheerful side and that’s why they help us out when we are in trouble – so we can get back to being ourselves. So, lets just take a quick time out and get back in and start kicking all over again..

and that’s the bottom line.. coz stonecold said so!


When work is not getting done(IV)

I’m sure all of us have experienced the dread of having mountains to climb in terms of tasks and yesterday’s learning took a brief look on what could help. Today’s continues on the same vein. As I am discovering, it is definitely a good idea to separate it into a set of next steps on your favorite place(notepad, post its etc) and figure out a course of action(same as setting priorities)..

This works on the argument that we can only focus on one thing at a time anyway and we can only do that many things in a day. So, the hard part is just deciding the priority/order. Anyway, I’ve just only gotten through a small bit so there’s still lots to do! :)

When work is not getting done..(III)

Ah! here we go again. This one is again task list based. Over the past 2-3 days, I’ve found myself prey to the task list which is way too long and hence, ended up not getting started on anything! Well, the best thing for me to do from tomorrow is make sure I stick to the assigned priorities and do them one thing at a time. Maybe, get back to notepad(which works for me!) and see to it that they are split into daily goals. Right now, it seems all too overwhelming!

The chinese were incredibly wise when they said that ‘ a journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step’!