Embracing imperfections

I was reflecting on my conversation with Seth this Friday. Here are my 3 biggest takeaways –

(1) Embrace your imperfections and start on the path was the biggest theme I took away. We talked about it in the lens of our efforts to fight climate change. But it was a theme that flowed throughout. We talked about how learning happens when we embrace “this might not work” and that’s okay.

It is easy to get caught in cycles of shaming, guilt, and judgment. All of those are unproductive. Just get started on the path and expect to learn plenty as you go.

(2) Everyone is a volunteer and everyone has more leverage than they think.

This resonated deeply.

Leadership is all about creating enrollment. And the first step to doing that is internalizing the fact that everyone is a volunteer. The next step is helping get everyone on the same page on a simple truth – we all have more leverage than we think.

(3) Configure your system to show up well. One of the telling differences on the call was that Seth looked straight into the camera when speaking and I decidedly didn’t. Between making sure I was okay on time, keeping up with the chat, etc., my eyes were all over the place. Then again, looking straight at the camera felt unusual as well.

But it makes such a difference.

Investing in a Seth-esque rig may not be for everyone. But a first step is simply becoming aware that of the improvements we can make in our setup. The next step is infusing more intentionality in how we show up.

Thank you to those of you who carved out time to join in. I’d be curious for your reflections as well of course. :-)