Mishaps and memories

I had a mishap recently. It got me thinking about mishaps over the past decade. And as I thought about said mishaps, I began thinking about some of the best memories in the past decade.

I found myself wondering – where were the mishaps then? Were these great memories because they were mishap free?

It turns out that was far from the truth. Every time I thought about the memory a bit longer, I remembered an associated mishap.

One great memory came right after getting rejected for graduate school in my first attempt. Another involved getting the dreaded recruiter rejection call during our trip. And so on.

As time passed, the mishaps got blurred out while the good times and the emotions associated with them remained vivid.

This trip down memory lane was a helpful reminder to not sweat my current set of mishaps too much. Stuff goes wrong/we fail despite our best efforts from time to time.

Focus on doing the right things. Savor time with those you love. Learn. Find the joy. Make good memories.

The rest is gravy.