The toothpaste tradition

There’s a longstanding tradition in our household involving toothpaste. As a tube of toothpaste becomes empty, my wife and I try to not be the person who needs to replace it.

It isn’t because the replacement is located far away – it is just to test who manages to continue squeezing out toothpaste from the tube after the other thinks it is impossible and “admits defeat.” :-)

It is one of those traditions that always inspires a chuckle. But as I was reflecting on it recently, I realized that another side effect of this “practice” is that we end up using the tube significantly longer than we otherwise might have. Our latest run has extended its life by more than a week.

It got me asking – what other experiences in life would benefit from similar diligence?

There are probably many – particularly experiences I learn a lot from. There’s probably more learning to be squeezed out of such experiences than I realize.