Skechers and shoe hacks

For years, I had a routine every time I bought a shoe. I would spend a bit of time upfront tying my laces to meet 2 objectives. It had to be (a) tight enough so it wouldn’t come off and (b) loose enough so I could just slip my feet in and out.

Once this was done right, those laces would stay that way for months – sometimes years.

Then, a few years ago, my wife introduced me to Skechers. Skechers shoes are built on exactly that premise – no laces, slip in and slip out easily.

It was a magical experience. One of those “Where have you been all my life?” situations.

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I think about that moment when I slip into my Skechers from time to time. We often hack together solutions to solve problems. And, it is always magical when we find a product that is designed to solve that exact problem.

Finding those problems is simultaneously the most important and hardest part of anyone seeking to build products for a living.