Shifting in progress

I wrote about ongoing difficulties with my hosting provider last week. After a few months of considering a switch in providers, I let my frustration guide action and signed up for an account with InMotionHosting. Funnily, while InMotionHosting was recommended to me by a trusted friend, I also received a serendipitous note from one of you recommending them. I’m looking forward to how this all unfolds.

I plan to get to the shifting tomorrow morning. So, please expect a few issues in the coming few days – I hope to get most of the key stuff sorted tomorrow. But, if you have any difficulties getting the email/feeds, you’ll know I’ve likely messed something up. :)

2 small lessons from this experience –

1. I’ve received 5 emails from my soon-to-be previous hosting provider in the last 24 hours alone requesting feedback on last week’s exchange.

Hosting feedback
 didn’t get to my product review post this week but this is as good a lesson as any – DON’T do this. It should have been abundantly clear that I was frustrated from my 30+ email exchange. This might just be an automated process but there’s really no excuse for this barrage.

2. Always consult a smart friend before and when you make decisions that matter. It is amazing how much good advice there is around you and how much trouble good advice can avoid. As a general rule, when you make important decisions, seek help from a smart friend or two.