Windows Live Writer

While it’s still Saturday in Hawaii, I thought I’d get to writing a short post before I get started on my Sunday here in Singapore.

Yesterday was ‘one of those’ days that capped ‘one of those’ weeks. And I don’t mean ‘one of those’ in a bad way. It’s just been manic and I’ve barely felt like I’ve had a moment to breathe.

It’s always nice being back here in Singapore and yesterday was my own version of ‘Baby’s day out’ in Singapore meeting old friends, re-connecting with some others and also meeting some new ones over lunch, dinner and a spot of bowling. It ended with a night of Charades and Pictionary that went on till the sun rose. Now I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep the next few days. ;-)

Such days don’t come often and are a real treat when they do.

And that’s that Windows Live Writer would be the post of the day.


I’ve been using this wonderful software for a few months now. It makes writing blog posts an absolute pleasure thanks to a very simple user interface, a wonderful choice of fonts and an ability to customize your posts with ease.

The biggest benefit of WLW is the ability to schedule blog posts for the future. I have been testing the feature over the course of the week and it works very well. (The posts on Tuesday and Wednesday were pre-scheduled). I had been doing it to figure out if I could still keep up with one post a day while being off the grid on a trek in the mountains in June. And now I have no excuses..

Additionally, it’s something I can do when I foresee a busy next day to ensure I don’t have to scramble for a post giving a different time zone (always Hawaii ;-)) as an excuse!

Have a great Sunday all!