Emotional Recharge and an Annoyance

I thought of the post by HBR today on maintaining mental well being.
It basically underscores the importance of different kinds of activities that recharge our minds. Holidays are generally a lovely way to recharge our minds. More often than not, they help fully recharge those parts of our brain that require fun, emotional connection etc.
My 1 week of holiday was one such holiday – a holiday of emotional recharge. Lots of great conversations, fun, laughter, food.. Spent time re-connecting with many old friends, family.
My only little annoyance (at myself) at the end of the holiday is that I didn’t tell most of these people enough how lucky I was to have them in my life. And how each of them were the best friends they could be, and for that, I believe they deserve all the respect in the world.
It never fails to amaze me how our greatest regrets always tend to be the things that go unsaid. Ever since I experienced the loss of 2 important family members, I had made it a personal crusade of sorts to try and express as much I could to all who I was connected to. And to tell people how much they meant to me.. and never take for granted that they knew or realized. More often than not, they didn’t (to my surprise!).
But, I guess time has changed that. Some of those wounds have healed and some of the pain I felt then has lessened. And I think, with time, I find myself taking more from granted..
Let this be a note to myself – a reminder to not forget the one thing that causes more angst than anything else I know – the feeling of not having told someone how much they meant to you.