On setting a worthy goal..

Thanks to Ultimate Sales Success, the audio book that’s been a source of some very interesting learnings, I have been thinking about a one line goal for myself in the coming year. So, as an Associate in my 1st job, I’ve been mulling over an inspiring target –

a) Should I aim to be the best associate in my company? (Issue: Too small a goal + extrinsic)
b) Maybe aim to be the best associate in the world? (Issue: Again, extrinsic)

That’s when I came across a quote about a sportsman (a cricketer by name Anil Kumble) who was not a technical genius, but had ended his career as an all time great thanks to graft, will and hard work by a leading journalist. The quote read –

‘He became the best cricketer he could be and to me that is worthy of the highest honor.’

And all of a sudden it dawned on me – my goal should be to be the ‘Best Associate I can be’ after all!
We are all playing different roles all the time – in our organization, community and family. It is VERY easy to get lost in comparisons as whichever ladder we choose to climb, reaching the top is about the journey and constantly trying to ‘better’ others never leads to any happiness.

This week, let’s ask ourselves the question – ‘How can I be the best boss/employee/father/mother I can be?’

It will require us to dig deep within, require us to play to our strengths and I’m certain it will be a fantastic experience.

Difficult Conversations..

It takes courage to accept what you feel..
as you are often riddled with self doubt about whether it is justified

It takes courage to be open about your feelings..
as common practice is to subordinate them for social acceptance

It takes courage to sit a friend down and express your dissatisfaction at something he/she is doing..
as common practice would mean getting back at him/her.

It takes tremendous courage to vent out your frustrations at the risk of upsetting another person..
as the ‘easy’ path would be to try and sweep those frustrations under the carpet

After all, strength comes not from hiding weakness, but from accepting weakeness and acting on it.

There are times when people you love make you proud by showing tremendous courage. Celebrate it.. shout it out..

I sure am..

The challenges never stop..

This is picked up from the PlugIn ID blog –

I got into this process of self-improvement because I never wanted to have a bad day again. I wanted to create a utopia – in my mind – so the world could never hurt me in any way. I wanted a state of permanent happiness, of endless joy, and was willing to do all the studying it took of philosophy and psychology in order to make it happen.

You know what?
I got to the point where I was happy – but I realized there is no escape from the pain, sadness, and exhaustion that is so common in our world. None. No matter what happens, even if you become “enlightened” (and I’m certainly not), there will always be trials in our life that test our courage, strength, and resilience. They will push us to our limits, they will hurt us, and we’ll have to fight through them every time.

I can’t agree more. I had a similar motivation when I first started this blog – to learn every day and hopefully reach a point where it’s all happiness and where I don’t get down on simple stuff easily.

I’ve realized a few things –

-> Happiness is purely internal..
-> In the long run, subordinating your moods generally results in more self control
-> Try as you might, life will make sure everyone gets their share of ups and downs
-> Our reaction to an action is infinitely more important than the action..
-> ‘You can either run from it or learn from it’ – Here, ‘run from’ can be substituted with ‘dread’, ‘despise’, ‘curse’ among others..

And finally..
-> The challenges NEVER stop..

Remembering Rudyard Kipling..
‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster
and treat those two impostors just the same
‘ ..


I can’t, not yet atleast.. but I do believe I will get there..