Aaron Ramsey – I hope this makes you stronger..

Football is a contact sport – as much as there is talk about better referees, maybe more protection – taking out that contact aspect would reduce the adrenaline to that of a sport like golf..

And often times, when we are watching sport, horrific incidents take place – those that transcend whether you like or hate a player, whether you are a fan of the club or not..

Yesterday, Aaron Ramsey’s leg was broken as a result of a dreadful tackle by Ryan Shawcross and he may be out for a year..

A lot can be said about Shawcross but it was plain from the moment after the tackle that he was devastated.. it’s not an easy ride for him as well. I just hope there is no football fan who will be coining up a song to taunt Arsenal.. there are some incidents that rise well and above the game itself.. and this is one of them..

As for Ramsey, I do hope he comes back much stronger.. and I’m sure he will!

Just on a different note, that’s the 3rd horrific tackle on an Arsenal player in the last 4-5 years.. what is it about the football club that makes it so susceptible to injury?

BNET: Top 10 reasons for Sales rep failure

I thought these are universally applicable –

REASON #1: They base their self-worth on what other people think. If you define your sense of worth based on how you assume your boss, co-workers, and customers see you, you’ll be deeply hurt by anything that smacks of criticism. Selling, and working inside a sales organization, begins to look like a series of horrible and (finally) intolerable rejections.

REASON #2: They assume that past failure defines the future. Some people find failure so unpleasant that they try to avoid it at all costs. As a result, they avoid any situations where failure is a risk. Because any meaningful sales effort entails risk, such people seldom, if ever, accomplish anything significant in a sales organization.

REASON #3. They believe in destiny, luck and fate. Some people believe that their status in life and potential as a human being is determined by luck, fate or divine intervention operating upon the circumstances of their lives…
These beliefs, however, constantly keep you focused on what you can’t change (e.g. fate) and not on what you can (e.g. your skill set.)

REASON #4: They lack the right attitude. The right attitude for a sales pro consists three qualities: 1) Empathy, so that you can understand customer needs. 2) Confidence, so that your can bring customers to the point of buying, and 3) Resilience, so that you can use rejection and temporary setbacks as spurs that constantly move you forward.

REASON #5: They don’t perceive the subtleties. When mediocre sales pros make sales calls, they are so busy “trying to sell” that they miss the nuances of the customer relationship. Top sales pros know that the most important element of a successful sales call is the value that the sales professional can bring to the customer, rather than whatever might eventually be sold.

REASON #6: They’d rather be doing something else. Failing sales pros often wish they had the nerve get out of sales and do something completely different. If a sales pro’s ideal occupation is to play baseball, be a musician, write a novel, or do anything else that not in Sales — they’ll eventually sabotage their sales career.
REASON #7: They don’t learn from their mistakes. Sales pros tend to avoid looking at their failures and would prefer to examine their successes – and then attempt to replicate them. However, until and unless you understand how, why and where your sales process is failing, it’s impossible to correct systemic problems in your sales approach.

REASON #8: They can’t follow simple instructions. Sales skills must be learned. Some people are naturally resistant to learning new ideas and new techniques, especially if they’ve already achieved a certain level of success. Many a sales pro has “topped off” at the lowest level because of a failure to understand that news skills are needed at each stage of a sales career.

REASON #9: They lack true honesty and candor. Sales is all about relationships and relationships are all about trust. People who lie and fudge the truth may become good at fraud or other criminal acts, but they’re at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to being successful at an honest sales job. Most customers can “sense” when a sales rep isn’t being real… and avoid buying.

REASON #10: They can, but won’t, do the work. This is true not just of selling, but of every other activity in the world. Sales pros who don’t makes their numbers either can’t or won’t do what it takes to make sale. When you can’t do the job, it’s usually because you don’t know what to do. When you won’t to the job, it’s because you simply lack the drive.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – It’s been a privilege..

I still remember the 1st innings of Tendulkar I watched as a cricket crazy kid(like all others in India). It was a scintillating 127 against Kenya in the 1996 world cup. What a world cup it was, followed by a 90 against the Aussies, 70 against the Windies, 137 against Sri Lanka and disappointing 3(I think) against Zimbabwe.. the sign of great things..

So many unforgettable moments..

143 and 134 in Sharjah..

Obliteration of Shane Warne with a 155 in Chennai..

136 against Pakistan in Chennai..

140 against Kenya after the death of his father in the world cup..

An amazing 2003 world cup with the crowning glory – 98 against Pakistan blowing them away on 3rd March, 2003 at Centurion..

Since I left home, I’ve watched very few of these innings. Being a fan who used to only watch the game as long as he batted, it meant a complete shift from Cricket to Football..

But I caught the 200th run.. and boy, am I glad!

Thank you Sachin Tendulkar. We have precious little to cheer for when it comes to sport in this country of ours.. and you’ve carried that burden with no complaints whatsoever for 23 years..

A lot may be said about your ability to play under pressure, perform when chasing in big games – all that’s small talk.. in 30 years, I am sure every Indian kid from my generation who has watched cricket will be telling our grandkids that we were fortunate to have lived in the era of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar..

Celebrating you being right up there with Pele, Maradona, Senna, Sampras, Federer, Woods, Armstrong, Schumacher and the like in the pantheon of sporting greats..!