From Rotn Om Prakash..

The fact is “We Don’t” and not “We Can’t”

It does not matter how much we have.
but what really matters is what we do with what we have.

We cannot do much to change what we have,
but we can certainly change the way we use what we have.

A pawn, if used well, will become the queen.



This was the 1st post..

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008

A learning a day..
The name says it all – Its just what the blog is intended to be. To help me re live some of those meaningful learnings. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up writing one a day.

(PS: I tend to have weirdly long days sometimes resulting in the next day being understandable short(36 hrs and then sleep through the next for example). So, the definition of day can be a bit..well.. shaky..

(PPS: That’s just me making excuses! Hoping to make it happen..)

Ha ha ha..

Well, its in my daily celebrating life mantra to ‘Celebrate small wins’ and I will do it Oscar style..

I have a few people to thank –

1) Nishanth and Tejasvi – for keeping up with me for a few months in the start of the year with their own learning blogs..
2) Ankur and Eugenia – for also doing so last year and for encouraging me throughout! :D
3) Nash and Stephan – as above..
4) Eli, Vikram, Sudu, Bhanu, Bipasa and Nirupama – for following, checking it out once a while! :)
5) Snigdha – for sparking the idea with her ‘every day i get better’ post its in Nov’07..
6) For KD – brother and loyal follower of blog! :D
7) and last but not the least.. to MOM.. one cool dude to beat them all.. ha ha ha..

and 8) to everyone else I have missed out because just like in the Oscars, I have but one minute to say what I can say.. :D

Thank you! Its thanks to all that I’m a thousand small steps better than I was on May 12, 2008.. :)